DEAR Inventory Systems

DEAR Inventory Management

DEAR Inventory is a popular cloud based inventory management solution. DEAR is an acronym for Double Entry Accounting Records.

DEAR Inventory has established an excellent reputation for its web based solution. DEAR has a broad range of functions that form a reliable and practical system.

DEAR is cloud based and can be integrated into ecommerce and accounting systems. DEAR provides an inventory hub that allows business to be able to maintain everything stock related in one system.

If you have a single business or multi sites with online stores, DEAR is an excellent choice if you need proper inventory management.

DEAR’s sophisticated manufacturing module helps track the cost of raw materials and labour in production of finished goods. It also gives the ability to easily create multi level Bill of Materials/Sub assemblies as well as kits and auto-assembled inventory. Estimate production costs and ensure you have sufficient materials for the job at all times.

Bizwizz is a DEAR partner. We know how businesses work and we know from experience how DEAR can really make a difference to your business.

Bizwizz offer the full scope of services including reviewing business needs, assessing suitability of software, conversion of data, integration to other systems, customisation of system and forms, user training and ongoing support.

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