Cloud Solutions

CLOUD COMPUTING – What is it ?

Cloud computing is using the Internet to access software that is provided and hosted on a remote server. You never have to install or upgrade the software on your computer, and the server hardware is maintained by the provider. It is relatively quick to setup, and can be scaled up or down as your business changes. It is cost effective and is usually provided on a subscription basis.

cloud solutionsThere are countless software companies that are now offering subscription based cloud alternatives. Bizwizz is certified with the leading cloud solutions so together we can make an informed decision. Bizwizz specialises in providing solutions to match your business and your budget.

We can migrate your existing data to a new cloud based solution and provide the necessary training and support for your staff.

We are qualified, experienced and we know the challenges facing small to medium business.

If you are looking to simplify your systems, and save time and money, call Bizwizz today!